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Ahad, 3 Julai 2011

Top 10 Anime: Number 2 God! save our king@kyou kara maou...


wah banyak nye citer2 anime yang aq minat..
so dulu2 aq ade post tentang anime gundam ari nie aq nak citer plak pasal citer fav. aq yang seterus nye God! save our king@kyou kara maou...best atau citer nie, citer nie mengisahkan seorang budak bernama yuri shibuya dan ken murata yang di dunia realitinye seorang pelajar sekolah menengah. Pada awalnye yuri tidak tahu bahawa kehidupannya mungkin akan berubah di dunia lain yang di panggil shin makoku. Yuri telah di panggil oleh Raja Shin apabila dia hendak menyelamatkan rakannya Ken Murata yang di buli oleh sekumpulan remaja lain. Apabila Yuri sampai di negara asing dia telah bertembung dengan manusia yang berbahasa yang lain, dia ingat dia hanya terperangkap di dalam sebuah drama atau pengambaran dan disitulah dia berjumpa dengan Alderbert yang ingin membunuhnya kerana Yuri adalah seorang Maou, Demon King yang di lantik oleh Raja Shin. Di situ juga dia telah di selamatkan oleh Conrad yang di anggap Bapa pembaptisannya..

Ok jom la kita ikuti lagi kisah Yuri Shibuya Dan Ken Murata di Shin Makoku..( watch out!! )

Kyo Kara Maoh!, known in Japan as Kyō Kara Maō! ("Starting Today I'm the Demon King!"), is a Japanese series of light novels written by Tomo Takabayashi and illustrated by Temari Matsumoto. It has been adapted into an anime series and a manga. The story follows the adventures of 15-year old Yuri Shibuya (渋谷 有利 Shibuya Yuuri), an average baseball loving high school student, who suddenly discovers he is the king of demons in another world.

Kyo Kara Maoh! takes place in an alternate world that Yuri Shibuya travels to by coming in contact with water. There are many nations in the alternate world, however, the plot centers around the "Great Demon Kingdom" (眞魔国 Shin Makoku, True Mazoku Land). The people of the kingdom are Demons (魔族 Mazoku). The Demon Tribe have the ability to make a pact with an element, and they can use Majutsu (魔術, Mazoku special discipline) which they can control with Maryoku (魔力 Mazoku power). In the English translation, both terms are rendered as "magic". Covenant Castle (also translated as Blood Pledge Castle), is in the capital of the Great Demon Kingdom. It is the residence of the Demon King (マ王 or 魔王 Maoh, Mazoku King). The culture in the Great Demon Kingdom is very different from the Japanese culture Yuri is accustomed to, and the differences make for some amusing mishaps with long ranging consequences, such as an accidental proposal of marriage.
The Great Demon Kingdom shows many similarities to medieval Europe. For example, the pronunciations of the names (as well as several of the names themselves) and the indications of language in the Great Demon Kingdom are derived or transliterated from the German language. Also, Conrad gives Yuri his name, which he claims means "July" in the language of the Great Demon Kingdom. In German, July is "Juli" pronounced "Yu-lee". Due to the lack of distinction between the Western sounds of the letters L and R in the Japanese language, this is rendered in Japanese as "Yuri." A nickname used to make fun of him is "Shibuya Yuri Harajuku Furi" and he claims that Conrad is responsible for it. Also, it may be noted that the nobles of the kingdom are named using the traditional naming conventions of German nobility, using the preposition "von" in their surnames to denote their fiefdom, as in Günter von Christ and Wolfram von Bielefeld.


The anime adaptation of Kyo Kara Maoh, produced by the Japanese animation studio Studio Deen and aired across Japan on NHK and the anime television network, Animax. It was directed by Junji Nishimura and contains 117 episodes and 5 OVA episodes.
Season 1

Yuri Shibuya, is a normal high school student, with a higher sense of justice and fairness than others. One day, he runs across some bullies picking on an old classmate, Ken Murata. When he tries to stop them, they force his face into the toilet bowl. Somehow this sends him to a place called Shin Makoku where they declare that he is the Maoh (Demon King). The season focuses on Yuri's learning of Shin Makoku and adapting to his life as the Maoh.
Season 2

Yuri gets transported back to Shin Makoku in the middle of a battle. Conrad sends him back to earth but as he is being sent back Yuri sees him get badly injured. Yuri quickly goes back but this time he's not in the same place as before, and his friend Murata has somehow come along with him. Yuri worries about Conrad and learns that he must now go on a search for the "Four Forbidden Boxes", four boxes that have the power to destroy the world.
Season 3

Yuri returns to Shin Makoku and meets another young king named Saralegui.

Owh gitu ea..
pekate kite tengok lak nama2 watak lam citer nieh??

This is a list of characters in the anime Kyo Kara Maoh!

The fictional land "Shin Makoku" is where most Mazoku reside. There are ten noble families of Shin Makoku (Christ, Voltaire, Grantz, Bielefeld, Karbelnikoff, Wincott, Spitzweg, Gyllenhaal, Rochefort, and Radford) who each rule over a specific area of the country. "Von" comes before the surname of each of the noble families names. Earth is a different world, and its flow of time is noticeably shorter than Shin Makoku. For this reason, when Yuri travels between both, a lot of time passes by in Shin Makoku whereas in Earth less than a moment goes by. However, due to the influence of all four boxes gathered in the Original King's temple, time seems to go much faster than normal on Earth.

The Original King's era took place 4000 years before the present storyline.

Yuri Shibuya

The Two Forms of Yuri: Maoh and teenager

Name: Yuri Shibuya (渋谷有利 Shibuya Yūri).

The stories protagonist. Born in Boston, USA and grew up in Saitama prefecture. Yuri is high school student who enjoys baseball more than textbooks. He was 'named' by Conrad when he mentioned to Yuri's mother how, where he comes from, July is called Yuri. Early in the show, bullies make fun of Yuri's name by calling him "Shibuya Yūri, Harajuku Fūri" (advantage Shibuya, disadvantage Harajuku) — a reference to popular districts of Tokyo. In the English dub, this becomes a pun on "Yuri is short for urine."

When Yuri arrives in Shin Makoku, he is declared the 27th Maoh of the Mazoku ("Demon Race"). Yuri easily gets caught up in his emotions to the point of losing control of himself. He is a little bit quick to anger, and once he's on a rampage he can't even stop himself. A music teacher he once had dubbed his rants "the Turkish march". When he is angry or sad or feels a strong emotion his powers emerge. Yuri uses expressions from historical dramas when he gets this way (since he is a fan of historical dramas) They call this condition is referred to as Maou mode (上様モード (uesama mo-do/emperor mode) in Japanese). In the anime this form can be recognized mainly by the longer hair and demon eyes. He can summon powerful magic (majutsu), even in the human territories (a notable feat as most Mazoku cannot perform magic outside of the country), and even more remarkable is that he can use magic (majutsu) in souseki filled areas such as the souseki mines where other mazoku have difficulty standing and even breathing. Yuri's magic is manifested in various shapes - most notably as one or more great water dragons, but he has made messy magical "creatures" made from mud, food morsels etc. After using his magic, Yuri becomes worn out and in some cases passes out and doesn't remember what happened afterwards. Later, Yuri learns to control his power and uses it to close the first of the Forbidden Boxes. In the beginning of season 1, he often fainted after he used magic (Maryokou) due to exhaustion. But later on he was able to maintain his consciousness after returning to normal.

Yuri is in fact the reincarnation of Susanna Julia von Wincott who died during the war against humans 20 years ago. The pendant Conrad gave to him belonged to her. Since Adalbert brought out his stored language memory in his soul, he can understand the mazoku spoken language but because Suzanna Julia was blind he is unable to read the language. Although, he can read raised letters with a finger. There are times in the novels where when he goes into a panic mode Julia's influence takes over a bit and he temporarily loses his eyesight.

Yuri has many allies and friends. His closest allies are Wolfram, Conrad, Günter, Gwendal, Murata, and Yosak. They help Yuri throughout the series. During his first encounter with Wolfram von Bielefeld he ends up engaged to him due to a mishap: Wolfram, angry at the idea that Yuri is supposedly the Maoh, makes the mistake of insulting Yuri's mother - which earns him a slap. Slapping another noble on his or her left cheek is the way in which Mazoku propose marriage (some consider the slap as unmanly, but Yuri explains in the light novel that he only slapped Wolfram because he has a beautiful face, otherwise he would have punched him). Incensed by this insult, Wolfram challenges Yuri to a duel, which Yuri also mistakenly accepted because of his unfamiliarity with Mazoku custom (he picked up the knife that fell off the table).

Throughout the series, his main goal is to create a world in which Mazoku and humans can live together in peace, something that progresses slowly but surely as the series goes on.

In the anime, Yuri is said to be the greatest Maoh after defeating Soushu and freeing the Original King from the dark power. Because of that, Yuri is able to travel between worlds even without the help of the Original King.
Seiyu: Takahiro Sakurai
Voice actor: Yuri Lowenthal

Mullem Desoive Eligh Morgif (モルギフ)
The Demon sword which can only be handled by the Maoh. Yuri sets out on a journey to find it and, once he's found it, reluctantly takes it with him on most adventures. Morgif originally had a jewel on its 'forehead', that served as the source of his power. It fell out when Cheri-sama dropped Morgif. Yuri gave the jewel to Yozak and tells him to do whatever he wanted with it.The jewel is not returned until much later when Morgif has to fight a powerful Holy Sword.That's not to say Morgif is helpless without his jewel. The extent of his powers without that source are a mystery, and his powers with it are said to be limitless. Since he is the Maoh's sword, and nothing the Maoh owns is ever ordinary, Morgif is a sword with a personality of a cheerfully lecherous old man. Murata, having been the Great Sage (Daikenja) in his former life, mentioned that Morgif had changed a lot; apparently Morgif used to have "a young and handsome face" and a "soothing counter-tenor voice". When the "Stone of the Dragon King", a jewel belonging to the royal family, was "stolen", Yuri uses Morgif to help find it, reasoning that Morgif saw the thief. However, it just turns out that Cheri took it to use it as a centerpiece of her necklace, leaving an IOU for it in the treasure room. Erhard Wincott, the ancestor of Susannah Julia von Wincott, was an inventor who carried out many tests. One of them included Morgif and its history. Morgif was created from powerful lava streaming from a particular volcano on Bandadine Island. If Morgif is thrown into the lava again, it would assume its original form, a heavily decorated black sword, which Yuri uses to defeat the Soushu / Originators.
Seiyu: Takahiro Sakurai (voice altered)

Conrad/Conrart Weller
Name: Sir Conrad/Conrart Weller (コンラッド/ウェラー卿コンラート)

His given name is Conrart; Yuri, and many other people, calls him "Conrad" since it is "closer to English". Conrad is the second child of the previous Maoh, Cecilie von Spitzweig. His father was human (who was considered the greatest swordsman in the Demon Kingdom; Dan Hiri Weller). Conrad is a swordsman ("the best swordsman in Shin Makoku" - according to Wolfram[19]) who looks after Yuri. When Yuri first came to Shin Makoku, Conrad was the one to find him (after some humans and Adelbert) and bring him safely to the castle. He acts as Yuri's bodyguard and vows to protect Yuri with his life. He was described by Yuri as almost perfect with fine looks and a mild demeanor but he makes the worst jokes. Conrad possesses no maryoku (demonic magic) due to his mixed heritage of human and mazoku. On his 16th birthday, he decided to live as a Mazoku instead of a human. He fought on the front lines for the Mazoku during a war against the humans. He and Yozak are the only two survivors of the Battle of Lütenburg.

17 years ago he was also put in charge of the soul that was to be the new Maoh, and brought it safely to Earth so that it could be born. Furthermore, he was the one who was the inspiration for Yuri's name. He stated that "Where I come from, the month of July is called Yuri", which made Yuri's mother name him Yuri because he was born in July. For this reason, Yuri dubs him 'Nazukeoya', which is a person who names someone (Conrad is also known as Yuri's Godfather by his mother).

After he loses this arm in a battle, he disappears after swearing to Yuri that he'll never die and leave him alone. Later, he reappears with a new arm, and seems to have betrayed Shin Makoku by joining their human enemies, Big Cimaron, who were after the four boxes. However, it is learned that Conrad only betrayed them to learn about the whereabouts of the boxes. His plan was, when the four boxes were gathered, to steal them and return to Shin Makoku. He went as far as pushing Yozak off the edge of the cliff to show his alliance to Big Cimaron. When King Belar orders Conrad to execute Yuri, Conrad instead frees them, and protects Yuri from arrows. Eventually it is discovered that Conrad's left arm is one of the keys to the 4 magical boxes ('The End of the Wind') that have the power to destroy the world.

His ancestor, Lawrence Weller, fought along the Original King. As Conrad's father was not a Mazoku noble, he doesn't have "von" in his name.
He was also very close to Suzanna Julia von Wincott, whose soul is inside Yuri.
Seiyu: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Voice actor: Doug Erholtz

Wolfram von Bielefeld

Name: Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld (フォンビ-レフェルト卿ヴォルフラム)
Wolfram is the youngest son of the former Maoh, Cecilie von Spitzweg. He is the only one of the previous queen's three sons who inherited her emerald green eyes and blonde hair, bearing a striking resemblance to her. It seems he inherited his selfishness from his father, but he can be very manly and reliable. He finds himself engaged to Yuri after a misunderstanding. When he first becomes engaged to Yuri he is extremely upset, but the idea quickly grows on him. He takes the engagement much more seriously than Yuri does. He follows Yuri practically everywhere so he can keep an eye on him and even sneaks into Yuri's bedroom at night. He gets extremely jealous when Yuri talks to a girl or good-looking guy and often accuses him of being unfaithful which is sometimes used as comic relief.
His handsome appearance is so influential, that several dying people in the hospital have a miraculous recovery after laying eyes on him. This is also why Yuri slapped Wolfram when he badmouthed Yuri's mother instead of punching him, stating that it's a pity to dirty such a pretty face. In the novels, Yuri even refers him as 'angel' and 'Prince Charming'. Wolfram possesses fire magic, as well as being adept with a sword. He is the half-brother of Conrad and Gwendal. He has extremely high pride and is hot-headed. He is arrogant and short-tempered but can also be quite compassionate at times.
He initially dislikes humans, even Conrad's father. Because of his mazoku pride, he does not like to admit that Conrad is his brother, even though he cares for Conrad. In the graphic novels, it is hinted that this hatred towards humans stems from his late father's prejudice against humans. His liking for humans improves throughout the series, progressing to the point that he adopts the human girl Greta as his daughter, starts acknowledging Yuri's parents as his future "in-laws" and also runs into a raging fire to save a human child.
A major weakness is that he gets sea-sick. Yuri also says that Wolfram cannot paint well, even though he insists on painting. For example, he tries to paint Yuri, although it turns out unintentionally impressionistic.[24] He also sometimes got low-blood-pressure from Yuri's observance in the novel
During the course of the series, Wolfram has grown exponentially from a spoiled prince to a selfless young man who stands by Yuri with no question. Though, he had no plans of becoming Maoh in the first place, he was willing to protect and serve Shin Makoku when it was resolved that Yuri would not be returning at the end of the second season, wanting to protect the beautiful job Yuri did as Maoh.
Years ago when he was a child, Wolfram accidentally slapped Elizabeth, Raven's niece, on her left cheek. Elizabeth never forgot this incident, insisting that they swore everlasting love that day, while Wolfram insists he forgot why he slapped her in the first place. Elizabeth becomes Stoffel's tool to separate Yuri from the three brothers, pronouncing an engagement proposal to Yuri. Elizabeth's real goal is to marry Wolfram, but Wolfram says that his only fiance is Yuri. During the duel which ensues, (as Yuri accidentally picked up a knife and a fork pointing it at Elizabeth; symbolizing a fight to settle a triangle love affair), Yuri turns into the Maoh, protecting Wolfram from being hurt by fire maryoku that Elizabeth summoned. He proclaims the two go on the date and remember their childhood memories. It is eventually learned that Wolfram slapped Elizabeth because he wanted to touch a butterfly that flew past, and Conrad was watching the entire event. He claimed he forgotten about it because he didn't want to embarrass Elizabeth.
Near the end of the second season, there is a time when Wolfram is possessed by Original King, who in turn was possessed by Soushu. The key he possesses, his heart, is ripped out by Original King in order to open one of the four boxes, 'Hellfire in Frozen Land' ('Hellfire on Frozen Tundra' in Japanese translation). Because of this, Wolfram temporarily dies, but is revived when the Original King returns the keys to their owners.
At the beginning of season three of the anime, Wolfram is chosen by the Ten Noble Families of Shin Makoku to become the next Maoh, due to the belief that Yuri would not be able to return to Shin Makoku at the time. When Yuri does return Wolfram's uncle, Waltorana, places pressure on Wolfram to obtain the throne. Because of this, Wolfram dissolves the engagement with Yuri and travels back to his homeland, in hopes that he would not be used to sabotage Yuri. When Yuri hears of Wolfram's predicament, he and his retainers travel to the Bielefeld lands in the hopes of persuading Wolfram to return to Blood Pledge Castle, only to be forced into a formal duel by Wolfram himself. In the process of aiming a strong attack at Wolfram, Yuri realizes that Wolfram seems to be preparing himself for his last moments and gives his final words to Yuri: "Yuri. Be a good king." Realizing that Wolfram had planned the whole thing from the beginning so Yuri could remain the Maoh, Yuri absorbed the attack onto himself at the last moment, sparing Wolfram from damage. The Ten Noble Families then changed their decision to keep Yuri as their king and Waltorana steps down from forcing Wolfram onto the throne.
After a reconciliation between the two, Wolfram happily decides to annul the disengagement to a comically shocked Yuri and proceeds to return to his normal attitude towards their engagement.
His ancestor, Rufus Bielefield, fought alongside the Original King (the great one).
The original author of this story, Tomo Takabayashi has said that Wolfram is her favorite character.

Seiyu: Mitsuki Saiga
Voice actor: Mona Marshall

Gwendal von Voltaire

Name: Lord Gwendal von Voltaire (フォンヴォルテール卿グウェンダル)
The eldest son of Cecilie. He is the current lord of Voltaire. He is a skilled tactician and is capable of using earth magic and can cast barriers. Gwendal is a tough guy except when it comes to his childhood friend, Anissina, and his brothers. He is afraid of Anissina and often hides from her so he can prevent being used in one of her crazy experiments. He is even seen sweating in panic at the thought of her. While he does not outwardly show much affection towards his brothers, he shows in times of great stress that he does care. When not otherwise busy, Gwendal indulges in his hobby of knitting but often his creatures look nothing like what they're supposed to (for example a bear got mistaken for a black pig or a cat that looks like a raccoon). He is adamant that knitting helps him sharpen his concentration but actually its a stress reliever for him since childhood. He is also quite fond of cute animals or cute objects such as the dolphin key chain (Bandou-kun) Yuri received at the dolphin show and later gave to him. His childhood best friend is Anissina von Karbelnikoff, an inventor who often tests out her inventions on him, much to his displeasure. Anissina is also the one who taught Gwendal how to knit. Gwendal's left eye is a key to one of the four Forbidden Boxes, the "End of the Earth".
When he and Yuri were alone in the desert following a sand trap that sucked in Wolfram and Conrad, Gwendal showed certain care he tried to hide towards Yuri. It was at that time Yuri later commented to Conrad that all of the siblings have similar kind smiles, even though Gwendal's is covered up by his "scary face". He is the commander of the demon army and often comes with reinforcements when Yuri finds himself in big trouble. He is also the one who does the paperwork and essentially runs the kingdom for Yuri.Often enough, when Yuri leaves the castle, Gunter is seen barging into Gwendal's office, demanding where Yuri is. Gwendal would usually look tired and suggest an idea which sounds appealing to Gunter, for example locking Yuri up in a room where no one will interfere.
When he was younger, Gwendal despised humans, a habit called the Mazoku Pride by Dan Hiri Weller. On Dan Hiri's last journey to a nameless village, he told Gwendal to enjoy the ride before their last duel. Upon arriving in the village, Gwendal is shocked that the village isn't recognized by Shin Makoku, and leads the attack on the bandits which targeted the village. In this duel, Gwendal sees Dan Hiri for who he really was, an old man, not the agile man he knew when he was younger. Dan Hiri later dies of old age, and Gwendal buries him near the tree where Dan Hiri told Gwendal what he was looking for. Years later while on a picnic with his family and Yuri, Gwendal admits that Dan Hiri was a larger existence than anyone else within him, because he hated that man.
Gwendal has no interest in love affairs, and even points out that issues coming from love affairs are beyond his abilities to influence. He does occasionally show care towards Greta, often being in charge of her while Yuri and Wolfram are in one of their adventures. Gwendal knows how to bake, as he does so for Greta when Günter, who would usually bake cookies for Greta, leaves the castle for a short journey. Greta comments that Gwendal's cookies look cute while Yuri comments Gwendal is good at baking as Gwendal's cookies are made into animal shapes, similar to the ones he knits. When Greta asks Gwendal if she is disturbing him while he is doing work, Gwendal says "Since it's you, I don't mind".
His name may be derived from that of Gwendal Peizerat, Marina Anissina's skating partner. His ancestor, Siegbert Voltaire, fought along the Original King.

Seiyu: Akio Ōtsuka
Voice actor: Dan Woren (a.k.a Jackson Daniels)

Günter von Christ

Name: Günter von Christ (フォンクライスト卿ギュンター)
He is Yuri's adviser and teacher. Günter is a skilled swordsman and magician. He is a very whimsical person and poetic in his thoughts. He is Anissina's number 2 test subject. He has an extremely strong attachment to Yuri and tends to pine for Yuri when has been gone from the Shin Makoku for any amount of time. 20 years ago he was an instructor at a military academy.
When Gunter was shot with a poisoned arrow containing the Wincott poison, his soul was temporarily housed in an Okiku Doll that flies, shoots lasers from its eyes and has hair that grows naturally. During this time he referred to his body as Snow Gunter and it could be controlled by or released from the effects of the Wincott Poison by anyone of the direct line of the von Wincotts like Julia's father and nephew.
When Günter accidentally travels to Earth, he becomes a model in New York City for a brief period of time so that he can earn money to find Yuri. He is very popular among females and males because of his good looks.
Gunter is an odd mixture of manly fighting skills and stereotypical feminine personality, and as such is a comic presence in most episodes.
Günter's only family seems to be his adopted daughter Gisela.

Kazuhiko Inoue
Voice actor:
Jack Lingo

Ken Murata

Name: Ken Murata (村田健 Murata Ken)
Born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan. Murata Ken met Yuri in middle school, where they were in the same class for two years. He now goes to a famous private school. Yuri states that his name is similar to his favorite historical drama actor Matsudaira Ken, so he is the only one of Yuri's former classmates that he actually remembers the name and face of other than baseball club members. Murata is known to smile often and keep relatively quiet. He often tells jokes which don't suit his age.
He is the reincarnation of the Great Sage. The double black tactician and strategist to the Original King of Shin Makoku. He remembers parts of the past lives he has had over the past 4000 years. Other people in the story don't seem to remember any of their past lives, so his remembering some seems to be very special. He describes the memories as like watching a movie. Because of his past lives he is able to speak many languages such as Shin Makoku's language, English and French. His parents are always busy with work so he is home alone a lot. He also spends a lot of time with Yuri's family. Since Yuri saved him from getting mugged, they have become very close. Murata is now the co-owner and manager of Yuri's grass lot baseball team in the novels.
In Murata Ken's last life before this one he was an adult film actress named Christine who lived in Hong Kong. The life before that he was a French doctor named Henry Régent who appears in the extra story novel "Ojyousama to wa Kari no Sugata!" Murata's other past lives include a Spanish bread maker, a Venetian bakery worker, an ancient Egyptian mummy maker, and a knight in the crusades.
While in the novels, 4000 years ago, right after Soushu was sealed in the boxes they took two of them to earth and he was reincarnated there, in the anime it seems like he and Shinou were closer and around 2000 years ago he was reincarnated as Jeneus and made an organization in Shinou's memory called the white crows.
It was established in a drama CD that he Placed 2nd in the country on the trial entrance exam to get into the University of Tokyo. Also, even though he's still a high school student he's developing software and trading stocks.
Dr. Rodriguez was responsible for handling his soul, during the time that Conrad transported Julia's soul to Earth.

Kouki Miyata
Voice actor:
Grant George

Three Great Witches of Shin Makoku

Cecilie von Spitzweg (フォンシュピッツヴェーグ卿シェシィーリエ)
The 26th Maoh and the mother of Wolfram, Conrad and Gwendal, each with different fathers. One of the three great witches of Shin Makoku. Commonly known as "Golden Cherie." She can use fire magic. Although initially, Cecilie seems to be rather airheaded, she is actually very astute and intelligent and a very caring person. Having been replaced as the Maoh by Yuri, Cecilie takes advantage of her open schedule to hunt for men on a "free and easy quest for love." Cecilie is also quite powerful, and has admirable skill with a whip. When fighting she dresses in red leather and mask. This form and her skill tends to scare her enemies, and if they ever meet her the second time, they are usually unwilling to fight her again.
Cecilie likes flowers and grows new types of them in the Blood Pledge Castle. She also names them, examples being "Beautiful Wolfram(麗しのヴォルフラム)", "Secret Gwendal(内緒のグウェンダル)", "Conrad Stands Upon the Earth(大地立つコンラート)", and "Cecille's Red Sigh(シェリの桃色吐息)", and also, in season 3 she makes a new one which she called "Filled with Yuri's Naivete"
She can take control of situations easily and effectively, however, and cares for her sons deeply. When Wolfram temporarily dies, she is devastated and throughout the series she can be seen doing her best to protect her sons without directly interfering.

Masako Katsuki
Voice actress:
Kirsty Pape
Anissina von Karbelnikoff(フォンカーベルニコフ卿アニシナ)
One of the three great witches of Shin Makoku. Commonly known as Red Anissina. Self titled poison woman. She has red hair and blue eyes. Anissina is an inventor and is also Gwendal's childhood friend. She often uses him to test out her inventions and it is for this reason that Gwendal seems to fear Anissina. When Gwendal is not around, Günter becomes her test subject. She is also the one who taught Gwendal how to knit and later Greta too. She is afraid of roosters.
Aside from her inventions, she spends her time writing adventure story books involving herself as a super-heroine figure.
She belongs to one of the 10 noble families of the kingdom and her brother Densham rules their area.
She may be named after real life French-Russian figure skater Marina Anissina.

Minami Takayama
Voice actor:
Michelle Ruff
Susannah Julia von Wincott (フォンウィンコット卿スザナ・ジュリア)
One of the three great witches of Shin Makoku. Commonly known as white Julia. She was engaged to Adalbert. She was a tomboy who was a top class martial artist. She was also incredibly skilled at medical majutsu. During the war since she wanted to help so many people she over spent her magic, which resulted in her death. Gisela was one who remained by Julia's side in during the latter's final moments. She was very close to Conrad, and she gave him her pendant, which Conrad then gave to Yuri.
In the anime, she was Wolfram's teacher. She met her future self, Yuri, just before the Lutenburg Division left for the battlefield. Her chance meeting with Yuri prodded her that she is making the right choice accepting her fate to be the soul of the next Demon King and that Yuri will heal the world in the future. Her ancestor, Erhard Wincott, was one of the chosen that was entrusted with one of the Four Forbidden boxes, "The Mirror at the Bottom of the Sea". The younger brother, Christel Wincott, brought the box to Earth for safe keeping. Julia's blood is the key to the box, and Yuri inherited this trait of being a key from her. When Yuri's body is taken over by the Original King, whose soul is taken over by Soushu, she saves Yuri by letting him remember that he has courage to fight and change the world.

Risa Mizuno
Voice actor:
Joan-Carol O'Connell

oK cukuplah dengan watak utama dulu k..nanti kita sambung ngan watak sampingan kemudian..
ok sekarang nak bagi dye punye list episode...dari part 1 sampailah part 2.

Season one

Opening Theme Song:Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni (果てしなく遠い空に?) by THE STAND UP
Ending Theme Song:Suteki na Shiawase (ステキな幸せ?) by THE STAND UP
Episode Japanese Title English Title Synopsis
Episode 1 Nagasarete Isekai  Flushed Into an Alternate World! Yuuri Shibuya is just a normal Japanese high school kid who likes baseball and has a strong sense of justice. One day he sees a former classmate of his, Ken Murata (村田 健 Murata Ken), being bullied but when he goes in to stop them they grab him instead and he gets his head dunked in a toilet in the girl's bathroom by the bullies. When his head enters the water, he is sucked into the toilet, and ends up in another world. Waking on dry land, he initially assumes that he is at a theme park, because of the medieval-style clothes the inhabitants wear. But the villagers attack him because he has black hair and eyes. Adelbert von Grantz saves him from the villagers who are attacking him and uses some form of magic to unlock the local language hidden in Yuri's spirit. Conrart Weller and Günter von Christ then rescue Yuri and they tell him that he is the new heir to the throne of the Great Demon Kingdom. When Yuri first gets to the castle he meets Wolfram von Bielefeld and Gwendal von Voltaire, Conrads two half brothers (who don't look anything alike!).
Episode 2 Kettou! Bishōnen VS Yakyuu Shōnen Duel! Pretty Boy vs. Baseball Boy When attending a dinner party that the former Queen is holding Wolfram insults Yuri's mother by saying she is dirty human. Yuri reacts to the insult by slapping Wolfram across the left cheek, which is how Yuri finds out that it is the traditional way to propose marriage among the nobles of the Great Demon Kingdom. Wolfram challenges Yuri to a duel to contest the engagement and Yuri unknowingly accepts by picking up a knife. Yuri decides their duel should be fought through sumo and he wins but Wolfram finds this type of fight unfair so he challenges Yuri to a sword fight, which Yuri manages to win also. Finally Wolfram gets pissed off and attacks him with magic. Even though no one thinks Yuri has any magic yet Yuri seems to transform and brings out two water dragons to hold Wolfram back. Wolfram finally accepts defeat.
Episode 3 Shibuya Yuuri! Ore ga MAou Da Yuri Shibuya! I AM the Demon King! When Yuri wakes up after his first transformation he finds out that Conrad and Gwendal have gone off to fight a battle that has broken out in one of the towns with human refuges. He convinces Wolfram to take him out to help. They run into Adelbert who tells Yuri that it was the humans that are attacking the town. It is a fight between humans. He tries to convince Yuri to come with him but Yuri decided he is going to help the demons. At Yuri's official coronation to become king he has to stick his hand in water to complete the ceremony. But when he does, he gets sucked back to Earth.
Episode 4 Kondo wa Saishuu Heiki!? What's Next? The Ultimate Weapon!? Yuri finds himself in the girl's bathroom rescued from the bullies by Murata Ken with help from an officer. Yuri continue his interests in baseball by starting his own baseball team. While Yuri is at a baseball game, his mother (Miko) reminiscences the past. After the game, Yuri was sucked back into the alternative world, where he finds out that the humans possibly led by Cabacalde. Gunter and Yuri's other advisers think it is a good idea for Yuri to hunt down the demon sword, Morgif to prevent a war with the humans and for future wars.
Episode 5 Se-ra-fuku to Kikan Bou Sailors and a Spoiled Brat Yuri, Conrad, and Wolfram set sail on a ship to the island Bandarbia where the demon sword, Morgif is located. During the sailing Yuri met an apprentice name Rick and a father and daughter Beatrice. At night a group of pirates boarded the ship they were on. Conrad hid Wolfram and Yuri in a closet from the pirates. Yuri got both of them caught unfortunately. Yuri try reason them that their actions were wrong, but then he transforms when he saw Beatrice (a girl he danced with) being dragged by a pirate. He successfully repel the pirates with a monster made of food scrap. Unfortunately a Shimaron's reserves boat saw the incident and Konrad, Wolfram, and Yuri were put in a cell. Yozak release them from the cell and escape off in a boat.
Episode 6 Hito Kui MAken, Morugifu no Kyoufu? The Terror of Morgif, a Man-Eating Demon Sword Konrad, Wolfram,Yuri, and Yozak reach the island Bandarbia. At the inn, they learn more about Morgif and the dangers of reaching it. Yuri attempted to get the sword, but was not mentally prepare for it. Later in the night he tried again after eavesdropping on Yozak and Konrad's conversation. The second time he was successful.
Episode 7 Bousou? Nuisou? MAken Hatsudou!  Runaway? Stray? Demon Sword in Motion! With Morgif in Yuri's possession, he finds out that the sword needs life force for energy. Yozak got Yuri to participate in a gladiator event to absorb souls. Yuri's opponent is Rick, who he met two episodes ago. Yuri won, but attempts to spare Rick who was then shot by the executioners. Morgif activates by absorbing an old man who just died. Yuri manages to bring Morgif under control and escapes with Yozak, Konrad, Wolfram, and Rick. Yuri entrusted Yozak to hide the sword. Yuri returns to earth.
Episode 8 Gekka no Inbou  Moonlit Plot Stoffel in the alternate world schemes behind the scenes. Yuri returns to the alternate world after a game of baseball, landing at the Original King's Palace fountain. There he meets his advisers, and the Original Maiden, Ulrike. After visiting the shrine she has been in for 800 years, Ulrike warns Konrad of an impeding danger. At night, Konrad and his soldiers went to investigate incidents of the villagers being attacked. During the investigation, shadowy figures infiltrate the castle.
Episode 9 Nusumareta Hihou Stolen Treasure In the morning, nothing appears to have happen. However one of the soldiers found the door to the treasure room was picked locked. They found that the Dragon Stone that was part of the crown stolen. Yuri attempts to find the stone which lead to some comical events. During the search, the shadowy figures reveal themselves appearing to kidnap Yuri. Konrad and Wolfram interfered and manage to capture one of the criminals. They found out from the interrogation that Stoffel was behind the stealing of the stone. Later at night Konrad, Wolfram, and Yuri set off to find concrete evidence against Stoffel.
Episode 10 Semari Kuru MA no Te! The Hand of Evil Looms Closer! As Yuri, Wolfram, and Konrad left the castle with some soldiers, Stoffel and Raven start their next move. During the investigation, Konrad orders Wolfram and Yuri to stay put in a building. Yuri dragged Wolfram and the remaining soldiers to conduct his own investigation of the missing Dragon Stone. Yuri's action led to his own abdubtion by Stoffel's man. Now Konrad and Wolfram head towards Stoffel's castle to rescue Yuri.
Episode 11 Jigen no Mukou de Sensou ga Hajimaru  The War Begins in the Alternate World Yuri awakes to find himself in Stoffel's castle. Stoffel tries to persuade Yuri to join his side, but Yuri rejects. As Gwendel and Stoffel prepare their soldiers for war, Yozak (dress as a maid) manage to sneak Yuri out of his confinement room dressed as a maid as well. Unfortunately Yuri gave their position away, when he found out that a civil war start. After Yuri reunites with Konrad and Wolfram, Yuri proceeds to stop Gwendel and Stoffel's forces from engaging. Yuri was unsuccessful at first. He then transforms and use his power to stop the two armies from clashing. After the short battle, Yuri accidentally returns home.
Episode 12 Ai to Shukumei no Kusari Chains of Love and Destiny Yuri spectates a dolphin show, but is then transported to the alternate world. After Yuri found out about an imposter claiming to be the Great Demon King, Yuri plans a trip to free the man and is accompany by Wolfarm and Konrad. Along the way they met up with Gwendal who does not mention why he was in the desert town. During the trip, they encounter a Sand Bear, which Wolfram falls into its sand trap. Yuri orders Konrad to rescue Wolfram. Gwendal and Yuri continue on to the city Suberara. As Gwendal and Yuri stopped at a town to gather water and provision, they were mistaken to be an eloped couple and were chained together. They manage to escape.
Episode 13 Hanayome to Yuuri to Guendaru  The Bride, Yuri and Gwendal Gwendal and Yuri enter the capitol city Suberara. When they enter the church they met Nicola, the bride, who then ran away from the wedding ceremony with Yuri and Gwendal (both still chained together). A boy gives refuge to Yuri, Nicola, and Gwendal from their pursuers. As they hide from their pursuers, Nicola reveals that she has the Mateki. Yuri tries to use it, but does not work. Their pursuers found their hiding place. The boy and Nicola took escape through the secret tunnel, while Yuri and Gwendal allow themselves to be captured as elope couples.
Episode 14 Yuuri, Jyouroudousu  Yuri Does Heavy Labor Gwendal and Yuri were sent to trial for Yuri eloping with a demon (Gwendal). Yuri is sent to Houseki mines, while Gwendal is confined in a cell lined with Houseki. Konrad and Wolfram found the boy and Nicola who inform them of their possible locations. Konrad and Wolfram rescue Gwendal. While Yuri was working at the mine, he tries to rescue a child. He then beserks and unleash a mud monster on the prison guards. Gwendal manages to persuade Yuri from causing anymore damage.
Episode 15 Sabaku ni Furu Ame  Rainfall in the Desert After Yuri wakes up, Norica, the woman Yuri met in the previous episode, is reunited with her son. (the boy that help Nicola, Gwendal, and Yuri hid from the pursuers). Yuri manages to find the second part of the Mateki. As Yuri, the remaining women, and the brothers traverse the desert to escape the forces, they are trapped by the Sand Bear and prison guards. Yuri plays the Mateki which summons a storm that stop the prison guard army. Ryan then assists their escape with his partner, sand bear. Back at the castle, Yuri tries to return home, but finds out he cannot go home.
Episode 16 MAou torimono hikae The Demon King Case File! After Yuri's study and practicing baseball with Konrad, the news of the Maseki being stolen perks Yuri's interest. Yuri sets off into the city to find the stone with Yozak, Konrad, and Wolfram. They found the missing Maseki in the hands of Rosetta and her family, but the family is trying to use the stone's power to repair magic tools and restore magic to earn more money for food. Yuri then decides to help them to get enough food. While they were helping Rosetta, they found that thieves are trying to reclaim the Maseki. At night they rind out that the thieves kidnapped Rosetta and Rosetta set off with the Maseki to exchange for her sibling. Yuri, Konrad, Wolfram, Yozak, and Gunther came in time to get the Maseki stone and save Rosetta's brother. Konrad decides to let Rosetta use the Maseki stone for business.
Episode 17 Watashi, Saikon Shimasu I am Remarrying Stoffel and Raven attempts to appease Yuri by setting a celebration for him. Cheri bursts into the room and declares she is remarrying Raven, which shocks Raven and Stoffel (somewhat change the ceremony plans). The past of Stoffel, Raven, and Cheri are also revealed. During the ceremony, Ryan along with the sand bear, KG arrives at the ceremony. KG's entrance however cause a sink hole which Stoffel, Raven, Cheri, Yuri, Gwendal, and Konrad (followed Yuri) fell into. Raven and Cheri reminisce their childhood memories at the crystal cave part. Stoffel, Yuri, Gwendal, and Konrad find Cheri and Raven. Then KG, Ryan, Gunther, and Wolfram also manage to find them as well. Cheri leaves again.
Episode 18 Sono Ai no Tame ni In the Name of Love Yuri and Wolfram enter the reception building (Yuri wants Wolfram out of his room) to get rid of a monster. Both fell to the basement of the building due to weak floors. There they met caterpillar creatures that soon went into cocoon stage. Wolfram and Yuri have an argument about killing the monsters or letting them live. Meanwhile Gwendal and Gunther search for Wolfram and Yuri. The building was collapsing, but then the cocoons metamorphose into bear bees and kept the building from collapsing.
Episode 19 Yuusha VS Maou Zenpen  Hero vs. Demon King (part 1) A fantasy world calls for a fantasy adventure, and Yuri has decided that he wants to see a dragon. He, Wolfram, Conrad, and Gunter set out to the preserve (dragons are an endangered species after all) to find one. Yuri makes friends quickly, just in time for some trespassing humans to attack looking to kill and sell the dragons. Too bad for Yuri, the group includes a young hero (Alford) with a holy sword who decides to use the confusion to try and kill the "evil demon king".
Episode 20 Yuusha VS Maou Kouhen Hero vs. Demon King (part 2) Alford learns what it truly means to be a Hero. Yuri and the other find the dragons a new nest to help shield them from possible future poachers.
Episode 21 Kiken na Boumonsha The Dangerous Visitor A young girl shows up claiming to be Yuri's illegitimate child, and then tries to kill Yuri. Yuri, compassionate as always, decides to give the girl the benefit of the doubt and assures everyone that there must have been a good reason behind it. To recover from a twisted ankle received during the assassination attempt, Yuri along with Conrad, Wolfram, and the little girl head to another country to visit some hot springs. The city looks fun, but who is the mysterious, masked bodyguard and why does the little girl seem to know him?
Episode 22 Unmei no otoko  The Man of Fate Greta spotted a man in town that she wanted to see again. Despite the fact that Conrad had told him to stay put and still suffering from a twisted ankle Yuri takes Greta into town. Yuri gets a sense of Deja Vu when he stops to defend a girl from some bullies and she promptly runs away. Yuri grabs Greta and runs and the same girl that ran saves them. However their eventually caught. They get away from the cell but while being chased are saved by Conrad and Wolfram. Then a man Yuri and the others meet a few episode back on a boat who Yuri calls Mr. Shiny Head shows up and wants to get back all the property in this town that a man named Vinon swindled and forced from their owners. After a masked man attacks Yuri, Conrad steps in to protect Yuri and fight. But who is this masked man? And can Conrad defeat him?
Episode 23 Honou no Re-su  The Race of Flames The masked man turns out to be Hube, who now lay dying with Greta clinging to him. She tells the others that in her old home Hube in the dungeon was the only one who would talk or listen to her. Yuri wants to help him but Conrad doesn't want him too. Wolfram does only because it's what Yuri wants. The next day Yuri and the others go to a rare animal race. It turns out that after the fight between Conrad and Hube that Yuri demanded Vinon to return everything he stole. Vinon said he would if Yuri could beat him in a gambling contest. The stakes if Yuri winds he'll return everything, if he loses Yuri becomes his! Conrad assures him that he'd pick him up and run if they lost. It seems it would be a race between Vinon's huge The Hell's Paradise Goala, that looks like a Koala bear. On Yuri's side would be Ryan and his giant Sandbear whose name is KG. It seems that not only can the Goala bear run very fast, it's also carnivorous in its demon form. Can KG and Ryan outrun and defeat the Goala or will Conrad have to keep his promise and take Yuri and run for it?
Episode 24 Yurasarezarusha  Unforgivable Hube is returned to Makoku and it seems that no one seems to like him. Greta tells Yuri that Hube had once told her that he'd done something unforgivable. But what? Then they hear that it has something to do with a woman named Julia. But who was she? Yuri learns through Gisela what exactly happened to Julia and why everyone blamed Hube.
Episode 25 Kako to Mirai  Past and Future Hube once again attacks Yuri and Conrad defends Yuri . Gwendal decides that he must die for his crimes. Both Greta and Niccola do their best to try and help Hube. But will their help be enough? Will Hube be killed or will he live to see his child born? After Niccola's baby girl is born Yuri decides to adopt Greta.
Episode 26 Meguru Inochi no Hate de The Full Circle of Life Conrad thinks about how life seems to continue on, though more slowly, when Yuri is not around. He recalls a tragedy at the end of the 20 year war, and remembers the time he went to Earth to deliver the Maou's soul to a certain mother-to-be.
Episode 27 Konraddo no ude  Conrad's Arm Yuri is suddenly pulled back to Shin Makoku but instead of his usual landing in a water source he ends up in a barrel of alcohol. Gunter and Conrad soon arrive with Greta in tow. It seems there's unrest with the humans wanting to start a war and that Conrad and the others didn't summon Yuri this time. If anything they are more desperate to send him back to earth! Greta was riding with Conrad and Yuri with Gunter when Gunter is shot by an arrow!' Conrad instructs Yuri and Greta to go to the church but no sooner does he lock the door do these weird masked freaks show up! All wanting Yuri! Conrad tells him to throw holy water on a painting and that it will send him home. However during the battle Yuri witnesses Conrad fight and then lose his arm before he's knocked into the painting. Where he is sent home or is he? What happened to Conrad and Greta did they make it out of the fire too?
Episode 28 Kyouaku na Saikai  Atrocious Reunion Yuri soon learns that first he's not alone. Somehow Murata has also ended up next to him on a beach. Then he learns that he's not on earth, he's still on Shin Makoku. They are told about the owner of this castle and go there but soon an old friend returns. Adelbert and a man named Maxine shows up. Yuri's preys aren't answered as he'd hoped Adelbert wouldn't recognize him with a hat and sunglasses on. When the countries guards appear Adelbert and Maxine run but then Yuri realizes that the weapons are the same as the ones in the battle Conrad (currently MIA) was in. Upset he changes to take care of the guards. What do these people want from Yuri? Meanwhile Yozak who'd been in disguise in the same town sends a letter informing of Yuri's location. Gunter meanwhile his body recovering but now has to deal with a new form for his soul to live while his body recovers.
Episode 29 Senritsu no Jyoshou Chilling Overture Yuri, Murata and Flurin are on a ship carrying cargo, passengers and prisoner. They're heading towards Big Shimaron, when it is attacked by Small Shimaron. Flurin, not wanting to lose Yuri, grabs him and they go overboard. Murata goes in after them, not wanting to be left alone. Yozak, in disguise, then releases all the sheep and prisoners. The sheep can become big flotation devices. But now that they're on land, are they really safe?
Episode 30 Kinjirareta Hako  A Forbidden Box Yuri learns of the Four Forbidden Taboo boxes that will bring destruction. Murata seems to know a lot more about this world than he should, raising questions as to his true identity. Murata and Yozak devise a plan to rescue Yuri and escape. However, in the end, when Murata's life is in danger, Yuri refuses to run away and leave anyone behind again.
Episode 31 Chi no Hate  The Ends of the Earth It seems Murata may be someone of importance. We learn that Conrad's arm may be the key to releasing the power of the box. Yet, if it's not the right key, then the box will become out of control. If the box gets out of control, does Yuri have what it takes to stop it?
Episode 32 Kagi Kakerareta Kioku  The Locked Memory Ken Murata is something more than simply Yuri's friend; he also holds a high place in the Demon society. Thanks to Yosak Gwendal comes to Caloria bringing with him aid for the wounded and homeless. Despite not wanting help from the Demons the citizens of Caloria grudgingly accept their help after some persuasive talks. Finally a messenger arrives from Big Cimarron informing the populace that the Ultimate Tournament is about to begin.
Episode 33 Gekisou! Yuki Zori Re-su Run For It! The Snow Sled Race Every four years the Ultimate Tournament is held and Yuri is dying to enter. But in order to be sent to Big Cimarron where the tournament is being held he must win the preliminary race. From East Nilson to Lambeil Yuri races to become the winner of the preliminary but as he soon finds out many challenges await him including Maxine with his vengeful manjuu attack!
Episode 34 Nettou Koroshiamu Hot Battle Coliseum!? The Ultimate tournament begins with Wolfram taking the first fighting position. After his battle Yosak battles with Adelburt who has entered this tournament solely for a chance to fight with Yuri. Unfortunately the group runs into trouble when Lady Flynn is captured and held in ransom for their forfeit of the tournament. What can Yuri do to help Lady Flynn and who is the masked lady that claims to protect love?
Episode 35 Yuki Furu Daichi  Snow Covered Earth Yuri is about to begin his battle, fortunately Lady Flynn is safe and he can fight the next opponent with all his might. But as he soon finds out his battle will become very complicated when someone he trusts is fighting on the opponents side. And when Adelburt joins the battle Yuri winds up fighting for his life!
Episode 36 Saraba Konraddo  Farewell, Conrad King Belar Stefan declares that Big Cimarron is the winner of this years Ultimate Tournament and orders Caloria's representatives to be arrested. This leads Yuri and the others to make an escape with the help of Fanfan, Lady Celi's current love interest. With Fanfan's help they are able to escape with the box of the winds in tow. Unfortunately for Yuri Conrad is not with them and it looks as if he won't return to the Demon Kingdom.
Episode 37 Hako no Yukue  Whereabouts of the Boxes The episode starts with Condrad's dream, where someone appears to him with his arm, when he wakes up. Yuuri is back at home depressed thinking about Conrad. Then later meets Murata at the park. Yuuri tries to get Murata to help him get back to the next world, Murata decides to help Yuuri back to the alternate world. When the reach the other would, Wolfram, Günter, Greta and Ulrike are there to greet them. Gwendal soon shows up and apologizes for Conrad's misconduct assuming he will get punished. It is revealed that Murata, or rather the great sage was the one who made the 4 forbidden boxes, which in turn Yuuri wants Murata to explain them a little. And their connection to the Weller Family. Conrad is reading when he is summoned, he is soon informed that Big Shimaron is in contact with another Box. Yuuri and the others become aware that Big Shimaron is after another Box and in turn goes after it as well.
Episode 38 Gyunta- VS Konraddo Günter vs. Conrad Yuri and his group travel to Cavalcade and meet Mr. Heathcrife who can help them get into a secluded land called Fransia. Unfortunately the king of Fransia refuses to choose either the Demon or the Big Cimarron side. Conrad with his Big Cimarron goons are also in Fransia and are also after the box. Will Gunter accept Conrad's betrayal or will he be forced to kill him?
Episode 39 Kimi no Na wa MAou  Your Name is Demon King Lyla, the king's helper, takes it upon herself to show Yuri and the others around and to help them look for the forbidden box. After many hours of fruitless searching Yuri and the others are told that the box has been found in an old esoteric training ground. However when they arrive at the ruins they find the troops of Big Cimarion waiting in ambush for them. Will they escape from this trap and manage to find the forbidden box?
Episode40 Kizuna no Tame ni  For Our Bonds Big Cimarron has taken control of Fransia making escape hard for Yuri and the others. Conrad forces Yosak off a cliff as an answer to the question of his betrayal. When King Belar shows up Conrad is told to execute Yuri. Will Conrad be able to kill Yuri? Are his loyalties truly with Big Cimarron's king?
Episode 41 Konraddo no Kikan Conrad's Return Fransia has made Conrad a prisoner and decided to join in alliance with the Great Demon Kingdom. When Conrad escapes from his cell Yuri and the others must chase him down and hopefully find out his reasons for his betrayal. Can Conrad be forgiven and if he is will he be able to leave Fransia with his life?

 Season two

Opening Theme Song:Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni (果てしなく遠い空に) by THE STAND UP
Ending Theme Song:Arigatou (ありがとう~) by BON'Z
Episode Japanese Title English Title Synopsis
Episode 42 Tooi Yakusoku  Distant Promise Yuri's older brother Shouri reminisces about a time in Yuri's youth when he would call him his "big brother." When things look bad for the Shibuya adults Shouri takes his little brother away for a day at the amusement park. Find out what happens when little Yuri accidentally spills his ice cream on a thugs pants.
Episode 43 Ketsumei Jyou Bebi- Panikku!  Baby Panic at Covenant Castle Baby Elunsto, El for short, the son of Hube and several other noble born children are gathered at Covenant Castle for the "Great Birth Ceremony." After Yuri volunteers to look after baby El he finds out that taking care of a baby is harder than he expected especially when El turns out to be "special." What happens when El gets his hands on Anisina's latest invention, a device that allows the wearer to talk with animals?
Episode 44 Maboroshi no Shōjo The Phantom Girl A mysterious girl who bears a strong resemblance to Ulrike is seen being mischievous around town. Meanwhile back in the Tomb of the Great One Ulrike is sick and unable to perform her normal tasks. When it turns out that the mystery girl has amazing magic powers it's up to Yuri, Conrad and Wolfram to get her under control.
Episode 45 Iinazuke VS Konyakusha The Betrothed vs The Fiance Stoffel has plans to set up Yuri with an appropriate princess thereby cementing his ties with the current ruler of the kingdom. When Princess Elizabeth, the current winner of the Demon Kingdoms beauty pageant, shows up Yuri is faced with a battle between his current fiancé and the new princess. Will Yuri's devotions be transferred to this new princess or will this princess reveal an entirely different agenda?
Episode 46 Mori no Miko  The Priestess in the Forest Yuri and co. have gone through lots of boxes in order to find the last box but coming up empty. They learn of a box in a lake and go to investigate. There they meet a girl, who turns out to be Urike's predecessor. They find out that this lake and land were barren before the arrival of the box. If they remove the box the lake and the land will die. Yuri wants to leave it and just guard it but when Big Shimaron shows up to take it not knowing or caring if it's the real thing or not. Can they stop them and save the lake and the land or must it be sacrificed?
Episode 47 Inochi no Akashi  Proof Of Life Dunheely, Conrad's father, has trouble getting along with Gwendal especially when Gwendal despises him. When Dunheely has Gwendal join him in helping a secluded town of outcasts Gwendal must learn to see his step-father as the person he truly is. Will Gwendal's prejudices get in the way of saving the mistreated villagers?
Episode48 Gyakushou, Dai Shimaron!  Big Cimaron Strikes Back! After having their box stolen by the Maou, Big Shimaron finds a new way to impose power over the allied countries: an "oversea study exchange". However, Shin Makoku and the allied towns aren't stupid. In order to put an end to Belal's ambitions, Gwendal offers himself to go negotiate with him on Bandarbia's island, hiding his true intentions to the Maou.
Episode 49 Shishi to Ookami  The Lion and The Wolf Adelburt has taken King Yuri hostage and demands to know if Yuri does in fact have his loves soul. Big Cimarron's troops try to capture Yuri prompting Adelburt to try and save him. Unfortunately they are caught against the side of a cliff with an active volcano as a backdrop. When the volcano decides to erupt will everyone be able to leave the island safely?
Episode 50 Ware ga Itoshiki Juria  My Beloved Julia Panic consumes the troops of both nations and Big Cimarron's king decides to leave the children he already has in order to escape the volcano's fury. Adelburt decides to fight Conrad now and unleash all of his pent up sadness and fury over Julia's death. Will the children be saved and will Conrad be able to escape from Adelburt's emotions?
Episode 51 Fukushouki? Makishi-n Revenge Fiend? Maxine Maxine still hasn't given up hopes of returning to his country and becoming wealthy and powerful. When he kidnaps Yuri and tries to escape he runs into one of Yuri's devoted subjects and is forced to abandon his plan. In his desperation he decides to hold the three maids as hostages. Will he make it out of this alive or will he be forced to take even more drastic measures?
Episode 52 Daichi Tatsu Konra-to Conrad Standing Tall When Yuri stumbles upon the "Demon Mirror" he's transported back to the time when Lady Celi ruled with the help of Stoffel and Conrad was thought to be a traitor. Yuri winds up meeting Lady Julia and comes to understand why she was loved by so many people. Yuri and Julia must watch as Conrad and the Luttenburg Division set out towards a suicidal battle in order to prove they are not traitors. Yuri helps Julia to make a decision that she knows will hurt the one she loves most dearly.
Episode 53 Zenryaku, Yu-ri Heika Dear King Yuri Gunter sets off on a "Nation Wide Tour" in order to better understand the "Common People." He comes to a town modeled after the old west and discovers that the town is full of fear and that only one person is holding it together a girl by the name of Gloria. Can Gunter help this forgotten town survive and can he convince the people that the Demon King has not forgotten them?
Episode 54 Seiken to Maken (Zenpen) (聖剣と魔剣・前編?) The Holy Sword and The Demon Sword (Part 1) A man cloaked in shadows shows up wielding the power of the holy sword. Yuri's followers suspect that Alford is behind a series of bandit attacks where the holy sword had been spotted. Who is the strange cloaked man? Why does he change people into heartless bandits?
Episode 55 Seiken to Maken (Kouhen)  The Holy Sword and The Demon Sword (Part 2) Yuri and the others go to check out the rumors about the Holy Sword and stumble upon a man possessed with demonic energy who wields the Holy Sword. Alford shows up in search of his sword and winds up helping Yuri and the others retrieve it. Unfortunately it might take Morgif's full powers to defeat the new owner of the Holy Sword. Will Yuri be able to handle Morgif's new powers and why does Murata sense that they are running out of time?
Episode 56 Ugokidasu Kage  The Shadow Begins to Move A mysterious masked man with hypnotizing powers walks into King Belar's castle unhindered leaving us with many questions yet to be answered. Back in the Demon Kingdom Yuri is holding a party for the Alliance members. When Conrad's left arm and Gwendal's left eye begin to hurt they can't help but have a sense of looming disaster. Faceless puppets attack Yuri at the party and run off with Yuri's protector. Yuri follows them without thinking and rushes off to save his friend.
Episode 57 Yami Kara Kita Mamono  The Creature From the Darkness Yuri is captured along with Wolfram and taken to Big Cimarion in order to be handed over to a hypnotized King Belar. Their transport is attacked by bandits who are led by a familiar face. The two of them are taken to the bandit's hideout where they find old enemies who have become reasonably good people. The masked figure sends a giant blue dog-like demon and several small dog-like demons to attack the hideout and retrieve Wolfram and Yuri. Yuri's transformed powers in the form of water dragons are little match for the powers of the unusual beasts master. Will Yuri be able to overcome these strange new foes and can anyone help him?
Episode 58 Konton no Ou  The King of Chaos Yuri decides to confront King Belar and try to convince him to stop fighting. He goes off with his crew and Adelburt in tow towards the Kings Castle. After many confrontations with more puppets Adelburt tells Conrad and Wolfram to take Yuri to Belar while they finished off the puppets. When Yuri arrives in the kings throne room he learns that King Belar is being controlled also. When their attacked by allies it's up to Yuri to use all of his skills and resources to save them all. Who is this enemy that has knowledge from the time of the Great One and where is the final missing forbidden box?
Episode 59 Mazoku, Chikyuu e Demons, to Earth Ulrike reveals that the final forbidden box is on Earth. Yuri, along with Murata, Wolfram, Conrad and Gwendal sets off to locate and bring the box back to Shin Makoku. Unfortunately, Gunter was also dragged along by mistake. Yuri, shocked, discovered that his family knew about Shin Makoku the whole time. Meanwhile, Gunter was separated from the rest of the group and is lost somewhere in the city.
Episode 60 Onichan no Nayami Big Brothers Anguish Yuri takes the group on a sightseeing trip while waiting for Bob, the Maou of the Earth to contact them. Shori meets up with Rodriguez, who ask a favour from him. He asks Shori to persuade Conrad and the others to return to their own world. After seeing Shori's failed attempts, Rodriguez attacks Conrad with Majutsu and tried to force him back into his world. Why is Rodriguez doing this? And is he doing this on his own will or following the orders of someone else?
Episode 61 Mou Hitori no Maou  Another Demon King Yuri and co. travels to Switzerland after discovering that Bob is currently staying there. Yuri feels shocked when he found his parents had follow him there and they travel together to meet Bob on a bus that was sent to fetch them. Upon reaching there, Shori separates Yuri from the rest and once again tries to persuade him but was interrupted by the rest of the group. They then continue on to Bob's office, ignoring his warnings. Meanwhile, Gunter, who was working as a model to earn money, was taken away during a blackout at a photo shoot.
Episode 62 Takusareta Kibou Entrusted Hope Yuri and Bob battle with magic and Yuri won. Bob decides to entrust the final forbidden box to New Makoku.
Episode 63 MAou VS Kohhi Gundan Showdown! The Demon King VS The Boney Corps The fly bone tribe is acting up due to the fear of all of the forbidden box's are gathered together.
Episode 64 Yuki Gyunta-Futatabi The Return Of Snow Gunter Gunter is poisoned again and Suzanna Julia's father visits the Demon Kingdom.
Episode 65 Shirogane wo Yukusha  One Who Braves Through the Snow It seems that one of the maids has been affected by miasma, a disease that makes the person unable to trust anyone. Yuri, Wolfram, Yozak and Conrad must obtain a rare herb to cure the maid but how will they succeed if they are affected by it too?
Episode 66 Omou Chikara  Willpower Yuri along with Conrad,Murata, and Wolfram travel back to earth in order to get something Yuri left behind. What happens when they can't return to the Great Demon Kingdom?
Episode 67 Ashita ni Kakeru Hashi  A Bridge to Tomorrow The villagers has decided to build a bridge between humans and Mazoku. But will the bridge be destroyed by the mysterious light wolves or will there finally be the peace that Yuri had been hoping for?
Episode 68 Eikou no Jidai  The Glorious Era Gunter teaches Yuri about the past of Shin Makoku.
Episode 69 Mamoru Beki Mono What Must be Protected Shori goes to the Demon Kingdom.
Episode 70 Wasurerareta Tami  The Forgotten Race Wolfram offers to give Shori power to protect Yuri. But before Shori can answer, an unexpected visitor arrives injured, interrupting the conversation. As Ondine, Ulrike's descendant, lays unconscious, the storm rages on. Meanwhile, mysterious figures attacks the castle. It appears that Seraphine, Ondine's older twin sister, was filled with rage when she was not chosen to become the next Genshin Miko and left her sister. Now, she is back and believed it is her job to destroy the keys to the Four Forbidden Box. Shori is worried for Yuri and accepts Wolfram's offer. He finds himself now being able to control water. Back on Earth, Seraphine and her comrades had attacked Bob and fled after realizing that he was not a key.
Episode 71 Onichan Dai Bousou Big Brother's Rampage Shori, while attempting to protect Yuri, runs wild and loses control of his powers.
Episode 72 Fuujirareshi Mono  The Sealed One Yuri and co. heads over to Shinou Temple so that Yuri can carry out the ceremony to seal the four Forbidden Boxes.
Episode 73 Yami no Kodou  The Heartbeat of Darkness Yuri carries out with the ceremony. However, Wolfram suddenly attacks Yuri, disrupting the ceremony. A dark figure appears and takes Conrad's arm, Gwendal's eye and Wolfram's heart as the keys to open the boxes. It absorbs the power from the boxes, revealing the form of Shinou! Fortunately, Yozak jumped in in time and Murata activated a trap, imprisoning Shinou.
Episode 74 Shinjitsu no Shihaisha  The Ruler of Truth Yuri and co. returns to Blood Pledge Castle to form a plan to defeat Shinou. Murata reveals that Soushu had possessed Shinou.
Episode 75 Taiyou to Tsuki  The Sun and the Moon Yuri and co. heads back to Shinou Temple to retrieve the keys from Shinou. However, they were attacked by Soushu's army of dolls when they enter. Yuri forces his way through to Soushu, who escapes the barrier. He returns the keys to their owners, as they were no longer needed. Murata then pushes Yuri towards Soushu, allowing him to be captured while the rest were transported outside.
Episode 76 Kurayami no Naka de Inside the Darkness Soushu enters Yuri's body to take over it from the inside. Meanwhile, Conrad, Gwendal, Yozak, Hube and Gunter awaken to find themselves outside the temple. They return to the castle, where Wolfram had been revived.
Episode 77 Maou Kourin  The Decent of the Demon King Soushu has successfully taken over Yuri's body and his army began attacking countries everywhere. Meanwhile, Gunter and Dorcacos travel to Morgif's birthplace in order for him to reveal his true powers. The rest of the group heads over to Shinou's Temple to save Yuri but were shocked by what they find there. Shinou tries to use Yuri's blood as the key to the fourth box, but Julia's pendant reacts to the act and transmits a vision of Julia into Yuri's soul, where she tells him that he is strong and can save everyone. Just then, Gunter and Dorcascos arrive with Morgif.
Episode 78 MAta Au Hi Made Until the Day We Meet Again Soushu is forced out of Yuri's body and Yuri defeats him, causing Soushu's troops to disappear. Murata told Yuri that they can't travel again to Shin Makoku because Shinou had disappeared. Shinou opened one last portal and Yuri, Murata, and Shori decided to go back to Earth. On Earth, Yuri worries about everyone at Shin Makoku. When he took his necklace close to the lake, it shined. So Murata pushed him into the lake and they suddenly ended up arriving in Shin Makoku.


Opening Theme Song:Romantic Morning (ロマンチック・モーニング?) by THE STAND UP
Ending Theme Song:Hitsuyou no Pocket (秘密のポケット?) by THE STAND UP
Episode Japanese Title English Title Synopsis
Episode 1 Shou Shimaron no Shōnen Ou (Zenpen) Young Boy King of Small Shimaron (Part 1) Yuri, while relaxing at a hot spring in Caloria, meets the king of Small Shimaron, Saralegi.
Episode 2 Eikan wa dare ga tame ni  Who are the Laurels for A world-wide festival is held in honor of King Yuri.
Episode 3 Kawaita Kaze  Dry Wind An invention that tells the futures of lovers causes trouble for Wolfram.
Episode 4 Ai no Shōjo Maiden love An uproar of dragons occurs, therefore, Yuri must choose between sacrificing an endangered Bear Bee's cocoon or exterminating all of the dragons.
Episode 5 Shou Shimaron no Shōnen Ou (Kouhen) Young Boy King of Small Shimaron (Part 2) While visiting the country of Small Shimaron, Sara tries to force Yuri to help him(Sara).

Season three

Opening theme song: Sekai yo warae (世界よ笑え?) by YOSHIDA SHOUGO with M-Tone
Ending theme song:  "Going" by YOSHIDA SHOUGO
Episode Japanese Title English Title Synopsis
Episode 79 MAou, Futatabi ( Demon King, Once Again Yuri and Murata returns to Shin Makoku. While Gunter is preparing for the Maou's 16th birthday where Yuri will determine his path as an adult, Wolfram is on his way back from the Bielefeld lands. It turns out that while Yuri was away, the Ten Noble Family has chosen a new Maoh, which turns out to be Wolfram!
Episode 80 MAou no Jyouken  Demon King's Requirements Yuri goes through with the ceremony and soon finds himself in Shinou temple where he has to make the final decision. He meets Shinou himself who told Yuri that he will eliminate anyone who dares oppose Yuri to becoming king.
Episode 81 MAou no Ketsui  Demon King's Decision After Yuri's decision is final, Wolfram broke off the engagement in order to avoid any conflict and returned to the Bielefeld lands. Yuri pursued him and they dueled. Yuri then changed into the Maoh to defend himself and Wolfram, and to prove himself as a worthy Maoh.
Episode 82 Gureta to Yu-ramu  Greta and Yuram When merchants come to Shin Makoku's capital to sell miniature bearbees, the whole town is turned upside down. Greta convinces Yuri to buy her one, but the merchants give her one advise: never get her bearbee soaked into water. They soon discover why...
Episode 83 Raira no Kekkon Lila's Wedding During one of his study sessions, Yuuri receives an invitation to attend Lila and king Antoine Jean Pierre's wedding. However, the king announces that the special sword of his country, the one needed for them to get married, had gone missing. Yuuri promises to find the lost sword.
Episode 84 Sennyuu! Dai Shimaron  Infultration! Big Cimaron Murata, Yozak and Conrad traveled to Cimaron to obtain something that Murata had left behind without Yuri's knowledge. Unfortunately, Yuri and Wolfram found out the truth and followed them by Celile's ship.
Episode 85 Utage no Yoru ni The Night of the Party Yuri and Wolfram attends a banquet disguised as girls. It is there where Yuri meets Saralegi for the first time. Unfortunately, Yuri was exposed while Wolfram escaped with Adelbert's help.
Episode 86 Toware no MAou  Captured Demon King Murata, Yozak and Conrad infiltrated the castle and managed to find a box full of swords. When an intruder alarm was sounded and Murata discoveres it was not them that had been found, he realizes with dismay that Yuri had followed them there. They met up with Wolfram and Adalbert and returned to their hideout to plan Yuri's escape. Meanwhile, Yuri was captured by the White Crows and imprisoned in a cell. Geneus, a member of the White Crows, offered to help Yuri escape as he did not want a war between Big Shimaron and Shin Makoku but was turned down by Yuri who believed that Conrad will come to save him. Conrad, dressed in his old Big Shimaron's outfit, pretends to come for the throne as he has a right to it, sneaks into the castle and waits for Murata's orders to save Yuri.
Episode 87 Kuro no Jeneusu  Black Jeneus Lanjeel decides, in order to get rid of both Conrad and Yuri, orders Conrad to execute Yuri to prove his loyalty to Big Shimaron, knowing that he would not do it. Conrad cuts off the cuffs on Yuri's hands and prepared to fight as White Crows' members appear and attacks them with Houjutsu. Murata, Yozak and Wolfram arrives, helping Conrad who wasn't able to defeat the monsters created with Houjutsu. Meanwhile, Adalbert appears in front of the Lanjeel, preparing to capture him. He was stopped by Yuri, who had transformed when Geneus attacked Murata. Unfortunately, he used up too much power and fell unconscious. Fortunately, they manage to escape successfully.
Episode 88 Konraddo to Gyunta-  Conrad and Gunter Yuri and co. visits the academy where Conrad trained to become a soldier. After Yuri gives a speech which no one really understood, Conrad challenged Gunter to a duel where Conrad gives his answer to a question that Gunter asked him a long time ago.
Episode 89 Hanayome wa Anishina!? The Bride is Annissina!? It turn's out that Annisina's brother has set her up with a suitor for her to get married to!
Episode 90 Yuusha to Sanbon no Ken  The Hero and the Three Swords Yuri, while visiting Caloria, was attacked by members of the White Crow but fortunately was saved by Al while Wolfram and Conrad were busy fighting. It turns out that the White Crow had been in pursuit of Al for quite a while to obtain the sword that Al had with him. Geneus appeared while they were staying and demand that the three swords to be handed over or else Caloria would be destroyed. Yuri later discovered with dismay that the whole thing was a delusion and was determined to get the swords back.
Episode 91 Shou Shimaron Ou Sararegi- Small Cimaron's King Saralegi While trying to obtain the swords, Yuri and co. were tricked and attacked by the White Crows. Fortunately, Saralegi turns up and releases them from the trap. They then pursue the Geneus in order to get back the swords. Yuri and Al managed to get their swords back but unfortunately, the third sword was still missing.
Episode 92 Mizu ni Utsuru Tsuki Moon Reflected in the Water Yuri, Conrad, Wolfram and Murata returns to Earth so that Yuri is able to take his final exam. Unfortunately, due to Annissina's latest invention, Yuri and Shori ended up switching bodies!
Episode 93 Kaze no Komoriuta  Wind's Lullaby Greta's past is revealed.
Episode 94 Uinkotto no Isan  The Wincott Inheritance An old invention that was created a long time ago is found.
Episode 95 Shou Shimaron e no Shoutai Invitation to Small Cimaron Sara invites Yuri to Small Shimaron to make an alliance with New Makoku. Unfortunately, they were attacked while having a discussion.
Episode 96 Futari no Ou Two Kings Yuri and Sara returns to the latter's castle where Yuri meets Sara's trusted subordinate, Gerard. It is later revealed that he had betrayed the king for Big Shimaron as he did not approve of the alliance. Sara and Yuri was separated from the rest of the group while escaping the army. After being cornered in Sara's room, he pushes Yuri out of the window to avoid being captured.
Episode 97 Ou no Shugosha  King's Protector Sara is captured while Yuri manages to escape with the help of his subjects but Yuri is determined to go back and save Sara. Murata and Gunter distracts the army by acting as decoys while Yuri, Wolfram, Yozak and Conrad infiltrates the castle.
Episode 98 Tomo no Tame ni  For a Friend Big Shimaron has crossed over to Small Shimaron to capture Yuri. They were planning to escape but Yuri decides to observe the meeting between Sara and the Big Shimaron messengers through a hidden room. This plan went wrong when Gerard, under the influence of Sara's Houryoku, attacked Sara and Yuri bursts out to protect him. Sara is then forced to hand over Yuri while Conrad promises to rescue him. However, just as Yuri and Sara is nearing Big Shimaron's army, an arrow was shot and Sara takes the blow that was meant for Yuri. Yuri was enraged and went into a rampage to destroy Big Shimaron's army.
Episode 99 Nigai Wakare  Bitter Parting It is revealed that Berias is the one who shot the arrow under the orders of Sara so that he can gain Yuri's trust. Meanwhile, Yuri and his group set off to return to Shin Makoku but were attacked by Big Shimaron's army. Fortunately, Gwendal arrives with reinforcements before Yuri is captured.
Episode 100 Entaku no Hitobito  People of the Round Table After Yuri went to Small Shimaron, the heads of the ten noble families summons him to a meeting around the round table to know his motives. However, the meeting is shortened when Yuuri decides to play a game of "Shinoued Away" with them.
Episode 101 Eru Yuukaijiken  Ell's Kidnapping Just as Yuri and Murata are about to head for Shin Makoku, Shori surprises them as he jumps in with them and ends up pulling them further away than they planned. They were surprised to see Nicola and Hube and were shocked when they found out that Nicola and Hube hadnt had their wedding yet. Yuri immediately decides to plan a wedding for them. Unfortunately, El was kidnapped during the ceremony.
Episode 102 Erarebareshimono The Chosen One Shori chases the White Crows and manages to rescue El by using magic. Unfortunately for them, while Yuri and group was heading back to Blood Pledge Castle, they were once again attacked by The White Crows. Shori jumps off the carriage to attack the White Crows and prevent them from attacking Yuri. But after an exhausting fight, Shori passed out and was captured by the White Crows.
Episode 103 Arano no Tsuiseki  Pursuit Across the Plains As Geneus is about to escape with Shori through a ship, Yuri and co. arrives and attempts to stop him. Unfortunately, just as Yuri is about to blast the boat, he stops as he did not want to hurt Shori, allowing Geneus to escape successfully.
Episode 104 Shiroi Karasu  White Crows Murata informs everyone that his memories of his past life has been transferred to Geneus and that Geneus is just a copy of the real person from the past. He then tells them that the White Crows had probably brought Shori to Big Shimaron as they were taking refuge there. They traveled there and met up with Yozak and Adalbert.
Episode 105 Shinken  Holy Sword Alazon explains the history of Seikakoku to Shori while Yuri and co. takes refuge at a hideout prepared for them. Adalbert reveals that he had manage to successfully infiltrate the White Crows with the help of Velma. Meanwhile, Shori debates whether to help and made his decision with the help of Geneus.
Episode 106 Hatsudou Into Motion Shori follows Alazon and unleashes the power of the sword on Big Shimaron's army which had came to destroy the White Crows. He loses control of the sword and turns everyone into statues. Yuri, who was escaping, noticed the commotion and rushes back to save Shori. He manages to calm the sword and turned everyone back to normal. They then return to Shin Makoku. Meanwhile, Big Shimaron decides to wage war with Shin Makoku.
Episode 107 Omoi No Hate  The edge of Imagination The Ten Nobles gathered together to have a meeting and questioned Yuri's motive to travel to Big Shimaron. They were suspicious of Shori and placed him under house arrest for associating with the enemy. After being confronted by Conrad, Shori reveals the truth to The Ten Nobles. Meanwhile, Yuri receives a letter from Sara informing him that he might be able to arrange a meeting between Yuri and the king of Big Shimaron. Conrad sneaks away on his own and is on his way to Small Shimaron.
Episode 108 Kaisen The Start of the War Big Shimaron is approaching faster than everybody thought and Waltorana's troops has been mobilized. When Yuri, Murata and Shori attempts to get to Lanzhil's ship, they overshot and arrives on Sara's ship instead. Sara uses his power on Yuri and forces him to lose control over his powers, causing him to destroy Big Shimaron's ships.
Episode 109 Maou Yamemasu  Demon King Retireing Murata and Shori stops Yuri by pushing him overboard, sending him back to Earth along with Shori while Murata is transported to Shinou's Temple. When Yuri awakens, he finds himself unable to return to Shin Makoku. Bob explains that is was probably because of Yuri's mixed emotions. Yuri is shocked to find himself all grown up after falling asleep and finds himself experiencing a normal life. He learns that Shin Makoku does not exist until he met Bob and realizes it was all an illusion. He was not afraid anymore and is able to return to Shin Makoku.
Episode 110 Fukinukeru Aoi Kaze Blowing Blue Wind When Yuri comes back, he realizes that Conrad is still in Big Shimaron and Wolfram has gone to fetch him back. On the way back, Conrad is ambushed by Berias. Conrad wins and Berias is brought back to Shin Makoku.
Episode 111 Yokisenu Saikai Unexpected Meeting Yuri sends a letter to Sara, informing him on the capture of Beria and inviting him to Shin Makoku to get him back. During the night, a mysterious spell was cast and put everybody to sleep. Alazon had infiltrated the castle and intends to capture Yuri for his power. At that very moment, Berias appears and reveals himself to be Alazon's brother and Sara the son of Alazon. Alazon was shocked to see them there and fled the castle.
Episode 112 Seinaru Oukoku  Holy Kingdom Berias explains the past of Seisakoku to Sara. Sara was not completely appeased by the truth and still felt furious towards Berias for keeping the truth from him. However, he got over his anger when Yuri introduced his family in the castle and showed him how much he loves his country.
Episode 113 Kanawanu Yakusoku  Unkeepable Promise Geneus attacks Shin Makoku in order to see Shinou once again as his last wish. He sents monsters as decoys to Shin Makoku and travels over to Shinou Temple. Upon reaching there, he meets Murata, Shori and Ulrike. Ulrike stops him by casting a barrier around him and Shinou appears, intending to destroy Geneus with his own hands. He attacks Geneus and both him and Murata are in pain as they remember the past. Geneus disappears.
Episode 114 Shin no Chikara True Power Yuri invites Alazon to Blood Pledge Castle as an honored guest. He agrees to help Alazon to the exasperation of his subjects. As he is about to take the Holy Sword, Sara snatches it from Alazon, releasing its power and causing plants to erupt around the whole castle. When Yuri tries to stop him, he attacks Yuri. Yuri orders him to stop and drop the sword but Sara, in his fit of anger, vanishes along with sword with Berias grabbing him at the last minute.
Episode 115 Nakashiki Houkou  Sad Yell Sara appears in an alleyway with the Holy Sword lying next to him. When he takes out the sword, it leaves a faint trail on the ground. Sara follows it and finds Geneus. In vengeance, Sara gives the power of the Holy Sword to Geneus. Geneus goes on a rampage and destroys everything in his path. However, when he attacks Sara, Alazon protects him and ended up getting hurt in the process. Sara then realises that he had been wrong and his mother had rejected him to protect him. Meanwhile, Shin Makoku battles against Geneus and his monsters. Yuri then joins the battle and transforms. Murata then arrives along with Shinou.
Episode 116 Kaeru Basho  Place to Return to Shinou decides to disappear along with Geneus but Yuri intervenes. Unfortunately, after Yuri had lectured Shinou, they had let down their guard and Geneus stabs Shinou. Yuri takes over and enters Geneus' heart, ridding the indecision in it. Light falls from the sky, curing the injured and giving the Holy Sword power, allowing Sara to revive Alazon. Yuri reappears in front of the castle with Geneus' soul in his hands and passes it over to Murata. Unfortunately, having used up too much power, Yuri loses consciousness.
Episode 117 MAta Aeru Hi wo  Until the Day We Meet Again Everything has turned back to normal but anxiety hangs in the air as Yuri has not awaken. Sara appears, offering to help Yuri with the Holy Sword. Yuri awakens to the delight of everybody. Unfortunately, it seems that he had used all his power and had no more Maryoku. Sara had also made the decision to help Alazon when Yuri apoligizes for being helpless. After they had left for Seisakoku, Yuri is shocked when he realizes he cant get back to Earth as Shinou had also exhausted his power. Meanwhile, The Ten Nobles gathered together at the castle after hearing the news of Yuri's missing powers. After hearing Yuri's answer they decide to continue supporting him. Later, as Wolfram was chasing him for being unloyal to him, Yuri, Murata and Shori fell into the pond and return to Earth.
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